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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated ID CVSS Title
2001-05-04 2001-04-11 2001-05-04 VU#446864 Sun Solaris mailx contains buffer overflow via -F option
2001-05-09 2001-05-09 2001-05-09 VU#258632 SGI IRIX Embedded Support Partner (ESP) service rpc.espd contains buffer overflow
2001-05-09 2000-08-02 2001-05-10 VU#31607 Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Control Manager creates predictably named pipes
2001-05-07 1999-12-14 2001-05-16 VU#28934 Sun Solaris sadmind buffer overflow in amsl_verify when requesting NETMGT_PROC_SERVICE
2001-05-30 2001-05-02 2001-05-30 VU#700216 KDE KFM creates temporary files insecurely
2001-05-30 2000-05-29 2001-05-30 VU#32448 Due to insecure creation of configuration files via KApplication-class, local users can create arbitrary files when running setuid root KDE programs
2001-05-21 2000-03-22 2001-06-01 VU#22091 gpm-root fails to correctly release GID 0 membership for user defined menus
2001-06-07 2001-05-17 2001-06-07 VU#988768 Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) permits modification of URL displayed in address bar
2001-06-13 2001-04-23 2001-06-13 VU#167464 Robtex Viking Web Server permits traversal out of HTTP docs root directory
2001-06-18 2000-07-03 2001-06-18 VU#35842 man 'makewhatis' insecurely uses /tmp
2001-06-13 2001-01-23 2001-06-18 VU#303080 AT&T WinVNC client authentication process vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attack
2001-05-10 2000-11-19 2001-06-19 VU#197477 AT&T WinVNC allows user access to passwords and configuration via weak registry permissions
2001-05-17 2001-01-05 2001-06-20 VU#451096 Oliver Debon Flash plug-in vulnerable to buffer overflow processing incorrectly formatted sound file
2001-05-17 2000-12-29 2001-06-20 VU#475645 Macromedia Flash plug-in contains buffer overflow
2001-05-14 2001-01-18 2001-06-20 VU#386504 glibc does not check SUID bit on libraries in /etc/

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