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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated ID CVSS Title
2000-09-26 1997-08-15 2001-06-26 VU#5962 Notes default ECL allows execution of unsigned code
2000-09-26 2000-03-01 2004-04-12 VU#25249 HHControl Object (showHelp) may execute shortcuts embedded in help files
2000-09-26 2001-01-18 2002-03-05 VU#786900 SSH host key authentication can be bypassed when DNS is used to resolve localhost
2000-09-26 2000-09-26 2001-10-25 VU#22404 telnet and rlogin URLs disclose sensitive information, including Environment variables
2000-09-26 2001-01-18 2002-03-05 VU#25309 Weak CRC allows RC4 encrypted SSH1 packets to be modified without notice
2000-09-26 2000-06-05 2001-04-05 VU#35958 IP Fragmentation Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in FireWall-1
2000-09-26 2000-07-27 2000-11-29 VU#32650 Denial of Service Attack in NetBIOS Services
2000-09-29 1999-01-03 2001-06-26 VU#18287 statd bounce vulnerability
2000-10-02 2000-06-23 2001-02-19 VU#29823 Format string input validation error in wu-ftpd site_exec() function
2000-10-05 2001-01-18 2002-03-05 VU#665372 SSH connections using RC4 and password authentication can be replayed
2000-10-06 2000-07-20 2002-03-05 VU#38950 MS Outlook "Cache Bypass" allows attackers to circumvent Internet Zone security policy
2000-10-06 2000-08-24 2000-11-29 VU#747124 ADK flaw in recent versions of PGP
2000-10-19 2000-05-16 2003-04-11 VU#38336 MIT Kerberos 5 ksu may allow either the '-r' or '-l' time-interval parameter to overflow the stack with the characters ''d', 'h', 'm', or 's'
2000-10-25 2000-06-27 2000-11-29 VU#27857 IE 5.01 will execute VBA code contained in Access databases when triggered from HTML code contained in an IFRAME
2000-10-27 2000-10-27 2002-03-05 VU#28027 Distributed GL Daemon (DGLD) allows attackers to identify IRIX systems

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