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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated VU# CVSS Title
2001-05-01 2001-02-28 2002-03-05 VU#840665 Cisco IOS/X12-X15 has default SNMP read/write string of "cable-docsis"
2001-05-01 2001-02-28 2002-03-05 VU#645400 Cisco IOS/CatOS exposes read-write SNMP community string via traversal of View-based Access Control MIB (VACM) using read-only community string
2001-05-01 2001-02-28 2002-03-05 VU#848944 Cisco IOS creates SNMP read-only community string
2001-05-01 2001-02-27 2002-03-05 VU#976280 Multiple networking devices allow SNMP objects to be viewed/modified via ILMI community string
2001-05-02 2001-05-01 2001-06-26 VU#516648 Microsoft Windows 2000/Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) ISAPI contains buffer overflow (MS01-023)
2001-05-03 2001-03-27 2001-08-10 VU#266032 Microsoft Visual Studio VB-TSQL debugger object vbsdicli.exe contains buffer overflow via NewSPID method
2001-05-04 2001-02-14 2001-08-10 VU#268848 Hewlett Packard HP-UX text editors contain buffer overflow
2001-05-04 2001-04-11 2001-05-04 VU#446864 Sun Solaris mailx contains buffer overflow via -F option
2001-05-05 2001-01-26 2001-06-25 VU#987632 NewsDaemon does not adequately filter user input to $user_username
2001-05-06 2001-01-18 2001-06-21 VU#178560 Dallas Semiconductor iButton DS1991 vulnerable to dictionary attack
2001-05-06 2001-03-13 2002-04-02 VU#154976 Sun Solaris SNMP proxy agent /opt/SUNWssp/bin/snmpd contains buffer overflow
2001-05-07 1999-12-14 2001-05-16 VU#28934 Sun Solaris sadmind buffer overflow in amsl_verify when requesting NETMGT_PROC_SERVICE
2001-05-09 2000-08-02 2001-05-10 VU#31607 Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Control Manager creates predictably named pipes
2001-05-09 2001-05-09 2001-05-09 VU#258632 SGI IRIX Embedded Support Partner (ESP) service rpc.espd contains buffer overflow
2001-05-10 2000-11-19 2001-06-19 VU#197477 AT&T WinVNC allows user access to passwords and configuration via weak registry permissions

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