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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated VU# CVSS Title
2001-05-10 2001-05-10 2003-04-09 VU#106392 Cisco IOS vulnerable to DoS via unrecognized transitive attribute in BGP UPDATE
2001-05-11 2000-11-07 2002-01-25 VU#198355 ISC BIND 8.2.2-P6 vulnerable to DoS when processing SRV records, aka the "srv bug"
2001-05-14 2000-11-28 2006-03-30 VU#959207 Lotus Notes Java VM leaks file existence through timing difference in ECLs
2001-05-14 2001-01-18 2001-06-20 VU#386504 glibc does not check SUID bit on libraries in /etc/
2001-05-15 2001-05-14 2001-09-18 VU#789543 IIS decodes filenames superfluously after applying security checks
2001-05-16 2001-02-04 2001-06-26 VU#651994 SEDUM HTTP server permits directory traversal
2001-05-17 2001-05-09 2001-06-26 VU#145904 Microsoft Windows 2000 Kerberos service vulnerable to DoS via repeated invalid requests
2001-05-17 2001-05-17 2001-06-26 VU#399087 Internet Explorer incorrectly validates certificates when CRL checking is enabled
2001-05-17 2001-01-05 2001-06-20 VU#451096 Oliver Debon Flash plug-in vulnerable to buffer overflow processing incorrectly formatted sound file
2001-05-17 2000-12-29 2001-06-20 VU#475645 Macromedia Flash plug-in contains buffer overflow
2001-05-17 1999-09-17 2002-09-13 VU#846832 glibc unsetenv fails to properly handle environment variables passed more than once to a program
2001-05-17 2000-08-31 2001-06-21 VU#686403 fails to unset LD_PRELOAD before executing suid root programs
2001-05-17 2001-01-23 2001-08-01 VU#982616 KDE2 kdesu 'keep password' option does not verify socket listener potentially exposing su password
2001-05-21 2000-03-22 2001-06-01 VU#22091 gpm-root fails to correctly release GID 0 membership for user defined menus
2001-05-22 2001-05-10 2001-06-26 VU#655248 Microsoft Index Server contains buffer overflow

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