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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated VU# CVSS Title
2001-06-01 2001-04-25 2001-08-30 VU#310816 RIT Research Labs The Bat! does not properly parse <CR> characters not followed by a <LF> character
2001-06-21 2001-06-19 2001-08-31 VU#484011 Solaris Line Printer Daemon (in.lpd) vulnerable to buffer overflow via transfer job routine
2001-07-24 2001-07-24 2001-09-04 VU#581603 Microsoft Services for UNIX Network File System (NFS) server is vulnerable to denial of service via memory leak
2001-09-05 2001-04-03 2001-09-05 VU#123651 IBM AIX lsfs utility invokes grep and lslv with relative pathnames
2001-09-05 2001-04-18 2001-09-05 VU#943536 ISC InterNetNews (INN) innfeed contains buffer overflow
2001-06-21 2001-06-08 2001-09-06 VU#952171 Hewlett Packard OpenView and Tivoli NetView do not adequately validate SNMP trap arguments
2001-09-06 2001-09-04 2001-09-06 VU#206723 Network Associates CSMAP and smap/smapd vulnerable to buffer overflow thereby allowing arbitrary command execution
2001-09-10 2001-05-24 2001-09-10 VU#718971 Beck GmbH IPC@CHIP HTTPD vulernable to arbitrary file disclosure
2001-09-12 2001-09-06 2001-09-12 VU#111947 Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access fails to authenticate users when searching the Global Address List
2001-09-13 2001-09-12 2001-09-13 VU#167739 Trend Micro InterScan eManager vulnerable to remotely exploitable buffer overflow
2001-09-10 2001-08-03 2001-09-13 VU#920931 phpBB does not adequately validate user input for language selection thereby allowing user to execute arbitrary php code
2001-03-26 2001-03-15 2001-09-14 VU#648304 Sun Solaris DMI to SNMP mapper daemon snmpXdmid contains buffer overflow
2001-04-10 2001-04-10 2001-09-14 VU#243592 Alcatel ADSL modems provide EXPERT administrative account with an easily reversible encrypted password
2001-07-27 2001-06-13 2001-09-17 VU#451275 Curses library vulnerable to buffer overflow
2001-09-17 2001-08-03 2001-09-17 VU#314347 phpBB does not adequately validate user input thereby allowing user to gain escalated privileges via manipulated SQL query

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