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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated VU# CVSS Title
2001-08-10 2000-05-30 2001-08-10 VU#26188 Keys generated with PGP5i batch mode do not contain sufficient randomness on systems that use /dev/random
2000-12-14 1999-07-29 2001-08-10 VU#3062 Cenroll ActiveX Control allows creation of arbitrary files.
2001-05-03 2001-03-27 2001-08-10 VU#266032 Microsoft Visual Studio VB-TSQL debugger object vbsdicli.exe contains buffer overflow via NewSPID method
2001-05-04 2001-02-14 2001-08-10 VU#268848 Hewlett Packard HP-UX text editors contain buffer overflow
2001-08-14 2001-08-13 2001-08-14 VU#544555 Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 (IIS) vulnerable to DoS when URL redirecting is enabled
2001-08-15 2000-11-08 2001-08-15 VU#570330 MS Windows NT Terminal Server 4.0 buffer overflow in regapi.dll allows remote code execution or DoS
2001-08-14 2001-07-02 2001-08-15 VU#888283 TrendMicro InterScan WebManager contains buffer overflow in RegGo.dll
2001-06-28 2001-06-27 2001-08-15 VU#620495 Oracle 8i contains buffer overflow in TNS Listener
2001-06-19 2001-06-18 2001-08-16 VU#952336 Microsoft Index Server/Indexing Service used by IIS 4.0/5.0 contains unchecked buffer used when encoding double-byte characters
2001-08-17 2001-07-02 2001-08-17 VU#672683 Apache Tomcat vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting via passing of user input directly to default error page
2001-08-15 2001-04-24 2001-08-17 VU#314776 Hewlett Packard HP-UX pcltotiff is installed with insecure permissions
2001-08-15 2001-07-19 2001-08-17 VU#420475 Hewlett-Packard Virtual Vault OS (VVOS) contains vulnerability in mkacct program
2001-08-18 2001-07-05 2001-08-18 VU#435963 Microsoft Windows 2000 SMTP service fails to properly authenticate credentials of unauthorized user (MS01-037)
2001-08-21 2000-10-31 2001-08-21 VU#153653 Linux dump uses environment variables insecurely, allowing for root compromise
2001-08-21 2000-11-04 2001-08-21 VU#960877 Red Hat linux restore uses insecure environment variables allowing root compromise

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