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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated VU# CVSS Title
2001-04-10 2001-04-10 2001-04-11 VU#211736 Alcatel ADSL modems grant unauthenticated TFTP access via Bounce Attacks
2001-04-10 2001-04-10 2001-09-14 VU#243592 Alcatel ADSL modems provide EXPERT administrative account with an easily reversible encrypted password
2001-04-10 2001-04-10 2001-04-11 VU#212088 Alcatel ADSL modems contain a null default password
2001-04-10 2001-04-10 2001-04-11 VU#490344 Alcatel ADSL modems provide unauthenticated TFTP access via physical WAN interface
2001-04-10 2001-04-10 2001-06-26 VU#808552 Multiple ftpd implementations contain buffer overflows
2001-04-06 2001-01-16 2001-08-30 VU#137024 Compaq web-enabled management software contains buffer overflow in authentication username
2001-04-06 2001-03-22 2001-08-30 VU#991240 Compaq web-enabled management software acts as generic proxy
2001-04-06 2000-06-14 2001-11-19 VU#36866 Solaris ufsrestore buffer overflow in command pathname parameters for interactive session
2001-04-05 2001-04-04 2008-05-22 VU#970472 Network Time Protocol ([x]ntpd) daemon contains buffer overflow in ntp_control:ctl_getitem() function
2001-03-31 2001-03-29 2004-03-05 VU#980499 Certain MIME types can cause Internet Explorer to execute arbitrary code when rendering HTML
2001-03-27 2001-03-22 2001-03-31 VU#869360 Unauthentic "Microsoft Corporation" certificates issued by Verisign to an unidentifed person
2001-03-26 2001-03-15 2001-09-14 VU#648304 Sun Solaris DMI to SNMP mapper daemon snmpXdmid contains buffer overflow
2001-03-13 2001-03-12 2015-10-21 VU#498440 3.6 Multiple TCP/IP implementations may use statistically predictable initial sequence numbers
2001-03-04 2001-03-03 2001-03-27 VU#320944 RhinoSoft FTP Voyager FtpTree incorrectly marked "safe for scripting"
2001-03-02 2001-03-01 2001-03-11 VU#176972 Lotus Domino SMTP Server Allows Anonymous Relay of Quoted Addresses

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