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CERT Coordination Center

CERT/CC Vulnerability Notes Database

Published Public Updated VU# CVSS Title
2001-01-18 2000-12-21 2001-07-18 VU#124352 HP-UX kermit contains local buffer overflow that allows denial-of-service
2001-01-10 2001-01-11 2001-01-10 VU#403307 Seagate Crystal Reports exposes cleartext username/password pairs when embedded in URL or HTTP request
2001-01-10 2001-01-05 2001-01-10 VU#590487 Lotus Domino vulnerable to directory traversal, aka "Domino Server Directory Transversal Vulnerability"
2001-01-10 2001-01-09 2001-01-11 VU#247371 Borland/Inprise Interbase SQL database server contains backdoor superuser account with known password
2001-01-05 2000-12-19 2001-08-30 VU#446689 Check Point FireWall-1 allows fragmented packets through firewall if Fast Mode is enabled
2000-12-22 2000-11-20 2002-03-05 VU#671444 Input validation error in quikstore.cgi allows attackers to execute commands
2000-12-21 2000-12-04 2000-12-22 VU#593299 BSD-derived ftpd replydirname() in ftpd.c contains one-byte overflow
2000-12-19 2000-12-09 2001-01-11 VU#759265 Kerberos client code buffer overflow in kdc_reply_cipher()
2000-12-19 2000-12-09 2001-01-11 VU#602625 KTH Kerberos environment variables krb4proxy and KRBCONFDIR may be used insecurely
2000-12-19 2000-12-09 2001-01-11 VU#426273 KTH Kerberos filesystem race condition on tickets stored in /tmp
2000-12-15 1997-05-24 2000-12-15 VU#20851 SGI IRIX df buffer overflow in directory argument
2000-12-15 2000-05-01 2001-01-17 VU#33433 Filemaker Pro 5.0v3 and below does not adequately protect web-enabled databases
2000-12-14 2000-09-26 2001-01-17 VU#800893 Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerable to file disclosure via code containing GetObject() function
2000-12-14 1999-07-29 2001-08-10 VU#3062 Cenroll ActiveX Control allows creation of arbitrary files.
2000-12-12 2000-10-24 2001-01-18 VU#470543 Sun Microsystems Keys exposed and revoked

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